Project: GIMP for OS/2

The GIMP for OS/2 is the GNU Image Manipulation Program that runs under XFree86/OS2 and is part of the GNOME/2 project.
It is a freely distributed piece of software suitable for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
GIMP for OS/2 is able to work with layers & channels, has a big bunch of Filters and it's know Script language Fu-Script, with a lot of useful examples. Together with X-Scanimage and SANE you also can directly scan into GIMP for OS/2.
GIMP is open source, that means free for everyone to use and free for us to continue porting it.

GIMP is under heavy developement and because of this new versions are released in very small timeframes. On Linux it's usual to release stable versions and developer versions, the difference is that the stable versions are tested and should work without problems. The drawback of the stable version is that the new features are not yet included. If you just want to work with the GIMP we recommend the stable version, if you are interested in the new features you should also try the develoepr version, in general it works too!
Actually it's not that easy to install the GIMP for OS/2 because you need XFree86/OS2 to run it.

GIMP for OS/2 is definitely one of the best sollutions for image manipulation on OS/2 and we recommend every OS/2 user to use it if you are into computer graphics and/or webdesign!

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